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Mongolian wolvevs are in danger of eradication!!

Mongolian NGO, Nomadic Nature Conservation gave us this information about their wolf situation.


Nomadic Nature Conservation


Global status: Least Concern
Regional status: Near Threatened

Rational for assessment:
In 1980 the Mongolian population was estimated at 30.000 individuals by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. More recent estimates vary greatly, with the most recent figures indicating that there may be fewer than 10.000 individuals remaining in Mongolia (Mech and Boitani, 2004). However, there is great uncertainly associate with these estimates and more extensive surveys are needed to gain insight into the current population size. No population studies have ever been conducted to determine wolf population densities, distribution, pack size, or range.
The number of gray wolf in Mongolia is declining, but the rate of decline is difficult to determine. Main causes of wolf decline are exploitation, illegal hunting and trade, forest and steppe fire etc.
It is therefore listed as Near Threatened, but further surveys may reveal that it should be listed as Vulnerable or even Endangered under Criterion.
Legal Status: Listed   CITES Appendix II, with an export quota of 150 skins and skulls in 2005 (UNEP-WCMC, 2006). There are no laws to protect this species from households or industrial hunting, no closed seasons and no quota limits. Approximately 13% of the species range occurs within protected areas, however, wolf protection within protected areas is rarely enforced, and exceptions are made in some areas to protect rare wildlife and livestock. Since, 2007 wolf hunting and catching are prohibited in Eastern Steppe region of Mongolia.

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