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Japan Police department has been infected with “Little Red Riding-hood” virus!!

JWA presented a critical opinion to the National Police Agency’s Commissioner General, Yutaka Katagiri on 26th of September 2012.


All over Japan, puppet plays for the education purpose of kindergarten children are performed by the juvenile section of Japan police agency.


The police officers of the juvenile station and their volunteers make the puppet stories full of loaded lessons with the topics of “shoplifting” or “kidnapping”, in order to

prevent those crimes. Scary looking wolves are always made to appear in their plays as criminals as they seduce a shoplifter or kidnap a child. It doesn’t work at all even if they try to imprint a criminal image that looks so scary in the minds of children.


As you know, the real kidnappers do not look scary, they are ones who put on a gentle mask and approach children with gentle persuasions and come ons.


On the other hand, the story, “Little Red Riding Hood,” according to the respondents of ‘My Navigator News’ questionnaire survey, ranked in the fourth place in the category of “Your favorite children’s story that never forgotten.” (The investigation period: 2012/5/28 – 2012/5/31; approx. 1,000 respondents.)


Wolves are the keystone species that sit at the top of a healthy ecosystem’s food chain.

Because the scary image of a wolf coming out from “Little Red Riding Hood” is used to obstruct wolf reintroduction to Japan, we, the Japan Wolf Association works hard to enlighten people of the real habits of wolves.


The puppet plays for the children done by the National Police Agency are performed all over Japan and could definitely plant the wrong image of wolves in the minds of young children. An education that personifies a wild animal in this way, produces a prejudice for life that twists proper scientific understanding from what global environment and biological diversity are.


(Mariko Sasaki :Oct. 18th, 2012)

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