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Decline of Gray Woles in Northern Mongolia

(By Naoki Maruyama)

This report is on an ecological situation of Hulunbeir grassland and the
Daxingangling mountains, Inner Mongolia in the later half of the 1990s. This
area with wolves, comparatively near to Japan, attracted a strong concern of
the Japan Wolf Association with the plan of “restoration wolves into Japan”.
Wolves in this area is regarded to be important for a mother population which
supplies the individuals for reintroduction into Japan. The grasslands and
mountains have been overexploited mainly by heavily stocking and stockmen
tended to hate wolves and to easily kill them. As well the Mongolian gazelles
and deer like roe deer and red deer of main wolves’ prey were illegally
harvested for selling in markets. Thus, the principal  predator-prey system of
the grassland were almost destroyed. However, fortunately, in 1998 a China’s
wildlife policy was drastically changed to protection, since then wolves with their
prey wildlife became protected and are increasing in number and distribution.
However, unfortunate, unfavorable incident has occurred and increased;
because wolves have been increasing depredation of livestock like sheep and
cattle. This has caused stockmen’s hate against wolves. This is new problem of
conservation on the predator-prey system in this area.

The full text of the report is here:  mongolian_wolves_r

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