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About us

Fostering a good relationship between humans, wolves and our environment.
Japan Wolf Association: JWA


On August 20, 1993, the Japanese Wolf Association was established to protect and reintroduce wolves with a concerted effort to clarify the misunderstanding and prejudice toward wolves, illuminating their natural life scientifically.

 JWA President: Naoki Maruyama

We have pursued these activities as an unofficial collective for 18 years, but recently we elected a general corporate judicial person on April 11, 2011 and began a shift making the JWA a legitimate corporate entity.


With renewed focus, the JWA plans to increase our activism, specifically aiming at “the reintroduction of wolves with a focus on active ecosytemic reproduction and protection,  and raising awareness of agriculture, forestry and fishery industries. In addition we actively seek the prevention of animal harm due to human interaction.”


New board members since 2016 are as follows.


President: Naoki Maruyama, professor emeritus at Tokyo University of
Agriculture and Technology
Vice-president: Yuichi Ishikawa
Vice-president: Hiroaki Iwahori
Managing directors: Kiyoshi Tanaka / Yutaka Asakura
Board of directors: Sakura Chinen /Kazuo Ueno /Mamoru Inoue /
Takashi Hayashi /Noboru Shiroki/Hidetoshi Yamanoi/Kazuo Nagai
Auditor-secretary: Yakuo Yamazaki/Kiyoshi Fujii


Adviser: Toshihiro Imai (Eurasia Creative Japan Representative
Director Ltd.) Yasuharu Nagashima (adviser at Nagashima / Ono /
Tsunematsu law office) Kazuo Wada (former professor at Tokyo
University of Agriculture and Technology) / Hiroshi Ooura (adviser
emeritus at Advantest Co.Ltd) / Shozou Azuma (former member of the House of Representative)/Masatake Naito (President, Gakushuin School Corporation)/
Masaoki Hoshino (Minister, the United Church of Christ in Japan)/
Kunihiko Yamamoto (vice chair of Hokkaido Airport Co.Ltd.)


Chairman of local branches and fellows:
Fellow Research: Masaaki Koganezawa (Professor emeritus, Utsunomiya University)
Fellow Policy: Makoto Moriya
Hokkaido branch: Yuichi Ishikawa/ Saitama-ken branch: Hiroaki Iwahori/
Chiba-ken branch: Mamoru Inoue/ Kanagawa-ken branch: Noboru Shiroki/
Come-back-wolf (Yamanashi-ken branch): Hidetoshi Yamanoi/
Nagano-ken branch: Kazuo Nagai/ Chuubu branch: Keizo Takikawa/
Kii-Yoshino branch: Kazuo Ueno/ Chugoku branch: Shinobu Fujiwara/
Kyushu branch: Miho Takada
Shikoku branch (in preparation): Naoyuki Matsubayashi


Organization cooperated:
The Matured City and Wolves Study: Shoji Suzuki